What size deck should you build?

size deck

You will need to consider three factors when deciding the best size for your deck: how you want to use the deck, the number of individuals it will need to fit, and the size of your patio furniture, hot tub, barbecue, etc. Before going forward with construction, it is necessary to consider a range of deck plans.

Average size deck

A small size deck that is intended to accommodate a round dining table should be at least 12 feet by 12 feet, although much more space can be built for a wide deck. The total size of the deck is 300 to 400 square feet. A deck should usually be broader than it is deep, with the house running along the longer axis. With wide decks, consider making multi-level designs for them. This will help to break up the appearance and define places for certain events.

Determining Deck Height

You’ll have to add in the height of the deck, too. A deck should be installed within two inches of the access door’s rim. That implies that whatever height brings it to this point, it will need to be made. You would need a low-elevation deck if your home is designed at ground level.

You will need a mid-elevation deck if your home is elevated. You’ll need a high elevation deck if you have a split-level home or want a second-story deck.

Water Drainage System

If you have chosen to employ a builder to build a high-elevation deck, then as an additional outdoor living area, you have the option of using the room under the deck. You’ll need at least 8 feet of space underneath the deck for this to be an option. Under the deck, you can build shaded and protected patio areas (even with screen walls, if you wish).

You’ll need to have a contractor install a water drainage system in order to take advantage of an under-deck area. During rain storms, a water drainage system can keep the room underneath your deck dry.

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