5 Patio Design Ideas

Patio design ideas you need to see before starting that home project! You are here and that means you are probably in the process of having a patio built in your house. Don’t look anywhere else as we are going to present the top 10 patio design ideas that you really have to see!

Clever bench patio design

Clever bench patio design
From Decoredo

We personally love this patio design! Look how they cleverly added a corner bench. Simple, space-saver and functional!

Built-in Planters

We found it here

Need more space for your precious plants? We got you! This built-in planters is the perfect patio design for all plant lovers out there!

Add more depth

beautiful patio design
From LoveThatDesign

Isn’t this patio design looks lovely? We love that they added depth to create that wonderful space at the center. It really added character to the whole area. Imagine having your friends and family gather here during special occasions! We bet that your friends will want always celebrate at your place!

Hide that pool for more space

pool deck cover
From RipTideSpas

Have more space by adding a patio cover to your pool. If you are a homeowner who seldom use your pool, this is the perfect patio design project to start doing now. Not only do you keep your pool water clean, you will have more outdoor space, too!

Have a small nook

deck nook design
From ApartmentTherapy

Why not go to the next level and add a small nook where you can enjoy a glass of wine or entertain your guests during events? We love how cozy this space looks like!

There you have it! 5 patio design ideas you can recreate in your own space. We are a deck contractor who specializes in building decks, patios, and fences. We offer free on-site estimates. Just contact us here or better give us a call.

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