What is composite decking?

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A lot of our clients always asked us what material should they use on their deck project. We always tell them that it depends on what they like, their budget, and their location. We will tell you the most popular material our loyal customers are using: composite decking from Arlington Deck Builder.

If you are looking for a deck builder in Arlington, TX., our team of professional craftsmen can help you decide what materials to use.

So what is composite deck? Wood-polymer composite or popularly known as composite is an alternative to using wood. Also known as synthetic decking. Composite deck has become the most-used decking material for residential and even commercial for the past couple of years. The composite deck is environmental-friendly and is a great lumber alternative that combines wood fiber and plastic.

Composite decking from Arlington Deck Builder is the most popular material among our clients. Arlington Deck Builder has been using a composite deck in most of our deck projects. Our customers love that composite deck is very low maintenance, weather-resistant, stain-resistant, lightweight, won’t splinter or rot and come in a variety of colors.

These benefits over traditional wood decking is why it is very popular nowadays. Moreover, the boards never have to be sealed, stained, or painted. Talk about saving a few bucks! And if you don’t have a deck or patio cover, fret not as composite decking won’t warp or crack even in direct sunlight.

Wondering if you can use composite on your pool deck project? Of course! Composite decking from Arlington Deck Builder is highly slip-resistant because the boards have minimal water absorption. Business owners prefer to use composite deck due to its durability and have a longer lifespan than wood.

Our team of professional deck builders from Arlington Deck Builder will guide you all throughout the process of building your home deck. Contact us for FREE On-Site Quotation or call us to schedule an appointment.

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